How to synchronize tasks ?

User can also synchronize tasks with google account. Download new one or upload to excel file. Ths is helpfull when you want to do some more operation on tasks like analyze import in external program or download from external program.

WARNING ! - After change structure of form spreadsheet on the drive will be moved to trash.

When it's done on your account should be visible folder "Croneye Forms"  and in the folder spreadsheet for each form (with name as title of task) and folder "Icons".

all created spreadsheet should have similar structure.

Workshet configuration with one row icon and id for the defualt icon.

Worksheet Structure with all fields for this form. 

Worksheet data with all tasks created in the application. 

id:  Is unique id for task, and it is uniqe for account.

position: If the task has more than one row than next will have the same id but position will be increased.

calendar: Date to finish task in format YYYY-MM-DD.

status:  CREATED - task is created, FINISHED - task is done.

title - Title of the task.

about, is_done_ - Fields for the task as a column in worksheet. When user change something row be delleted and set to new one.
In name of column is only small letter and removed all character not alphabetic or not digital. If first letter is number than will be added "X" to the beggining of name of column.

If you want to download data from spreadsheet just add new lines on worksheet "data" and set "id" to "0".

There is no necessery to fill other columns.

If title is the same as previous than will be save as the same task.

When its done id and position will be set and new items will be visible.