How to operate on a task ?

1. Set calendar date of task.

If you want to set date of task to finish than first find your task on list in main menu or list for selected form.  \

If there is no date for this task then will be visible calendar icon in the middle, if date is selected then this date will be visible. After clicking you can select date of task to finish. 

If date will before actual date then task will be selected as overdue and set to red otherwise set to orange.

2. Finish task.

If user want to finish task then on the edit menu should click button finish. Then the task will be set as finish and user will not be able to change anything on task.

Finished task will be not visible in the list on the form in default. When user want to show this task should check finish button.


2. Notification for a task. 

If you want to get notification for a task just click on the clock in when you edit a task.

Default will best actual date or calendar date for a task. If date will be before current date then task will run automatic.


Start notification will be with default sound of alarm with icon and title configured in task. When you click notification application will be running with selected task.

Notification will be also visible in list of tasks.


If you want to remove notification just click remove when set notification.