Main Menu


Items of main menu:

Selected account: Able user to select other account (or <LOCAL> for non-google account). For each account is generated different

base whith own icons. For default will be added 12 icons and 5 forms.

New: After clicking user will be able to create new task with default values.

Select date: User can select a date for tasks. If it will be different than current date tasks without selected calendar wouldn't be visible.

For each date application will show tasks for selected date and next 30 days. If user will click date application will go to current date.


On calendar you can see some colors on dates:

  • Red: On this date is some overdue tasks.
  • Green: On this date all tasks is finished
  • Green: Current date
  • Orange:  On this time is some tasks to finish.

Overdue tasks: Tasks with selected calendar before current date. Title of task is red and date of time to finish task is visible with number of overdue days.

Task to do: Tasks without selected calendar or the same with selected date.

Finised tasks: Finished tasks for selected date.

Future tasks: Tasks for next 30 days of selected date delimeter by date.


On configuration you can 

Synchronize: Synchronize your tasks with google spreadsheets.

Architecture: Define your own forms for tasks.

Help: Go to this webpage

Below the Help is list task type with his default title and icon. 

Red number is count of overdue tasks.

Black number is count of tasks to do, and no yet overdue.

User can go to to list of selected type of task by clicking it.